Yoga in a Hammock

Napping outside underneath the shade of a few trees doesn’t always inspire thoughts of hard work, ambition and much less, exercise. But thanks to aerial yoga, you can now have the ultimate workout in the same place where you have the ultimate hang-out. Aren’t hammocks the best?

Yoga in a HammockWhat It Is

Aerial yoga is only one of many yoga variations that have come out in the last few years along with things like dog yoga and paddleboard yoga. The practice suspends participants a few feet of the ground in fabric slings like hammocks. Suspension opens up a wide range of possibilities for those with joint pain or difficulty with normal yoga, especially inverted positions.


Aerial yoga rooms are the same as normal yoga areas, typically with a mirror on one wall to help you focus and perfect your positions. You’ll also find the temperature to be fantastically normal. Hot aerial yoga is an extreme not yet being explored. The slings are usually made of soft, natural fibers and support up to 1,000 lbs. The slings are very similar to hammocks, capable of stretching out to fully envelop participants.

Yoga in a Hammock1Benefits

The benefits of an aerial practice include all the ones you’d associate with traditional yoga including: increased flexibility, muscle strengthening, and better circulation. However, aerial adds a few advantages of its own. Because you aren’t laying on the ground, many positions are easier on the joints, putting less strain on your body and allowing you to more fully commit to the instructed positions.


Many of the positions in aerial yoga are identical to—or at least based on—those found in existing yoga practices. Learning an aerial routine is easy for those that are already familiar with other types of yoga and for those who have never done any type of yoga, learning aerial is no more challenging than another form. And for hammockers, the learning curve will be that much easier.

Yoga in a Hammock2Safety

Normally when you’re in your hammock, you do your best not to move around. Aerial yoga is obviously a bit different which will call to mind issues of safety. Rest assured that all of the transitions and positions of aerial yoga are designed to keep you full supported and secure at all times. In the event that you do fall, it’ll be onto a padded mat.

Where to go

Two companies who offer aerial yoga classes to yogi all over the world include Anti Gravity Aerial YogaUnnata Aerial Yoga, and Raffa Yoga. Of course, we would just say to pick up your hammock, find a tree outside and get at it. Because then, after you’re done with all that hard work, you can sit back and relax.

By: Patrick Hutchison