What Your Hammock Says About You: Color Psychology, Vol 3

Welcome to Volume 3!

Remember when you first got your ENO hammock? Whether it was from R.E.I., online, or at a festival; chances are you had the moment: “…but what color?”

 Whether it took you two seconds or twenty minutes to decide, the color of your hammock may reflect some of your key personality traits; excuse me, your awesome personality traits.


P.S. If you’re an ENOpian, you probably know just how many colors an ENO hammock can come in (um, a lot) so this is volume 3, let us know what you think if you’d like to see more.



Green is an emotionally positive color with nurturing qualities and is also known for being an astute observer, therefore suggesting good counseling and listening skills. Green also tends to have a strong sense of right and wrong, giving back to the common good whenever possible, (think Robin Hood.) Purple is the color of selfless love and philosophical growth, whereas green also signifies growth and development–so as a result, purple/forest ENOpians have a deep appreciation for humor and often use it to get through the “growing pains” as they aim to become more self reliant. With all these qualities, it’s safe to say that ENOpians kicking back in a Purple Forest are some of the truest friends around.


Lively and spirited, just being around you others find themselves rejuvenated. If you’re an ENOpian snoozing in an emerald/yellow you’re for the most part fairly social and enjoy being part of a group. The vitality of green combined with optimistic and logical yellow makes you intellectually confident while still being open to the ideas and opinions of others on a matter. What a lovely combination!


You have an appreciation for quality in all things in life; quality friends, quality food, and quality products–no wonder you chose ENO for your hammock of choice! You’re known for being friendly, approachable, and sincere. With the trim of emerald, you also strive for harmony in your life and have a love for the outdoors. If you’re an ENOpian relaxing in a khaki emerald, you’re a dynamic individual who values stability and maturity, that’s not to say you’re boring by any means but these are qualities that others in your life have come to count on you for.


Just plain olive. You want to completely hide in the woods to the point where you don’t even need that khaki trim. Similar to olive/khaki, you have a fierce passion for the outdoors and the welfare of the environment. In your spare time you’d rather almost always be hiking or camping. Down to earth and a peacekeeper, if you’re an ENOpian hiding out in an olive hammock, you have a strength of character that can overcome adversity to develop an understanding for the emotions and actions of others.


Again blue is the color of trust, loyalty, and emotional strength. The navy tone in blue suggests that you have a respect for responsibility and takes yours seriously. Mostly because you would be out of whack emotionally if you were to let someone down. With the bright yellow trim however, you have the ability to be incredibly decisive when you want. The combination of yellow and navy implies that you have a knack for clarity of thought while being sensitive to other’s needs; and sometimes you can act impulsively. If you’re an ENOpian chilling in a navy yellow, you love to exercise your creativity through mental outlets and communicate about new ideas.


Rasta Limited Edition

You are just a bad ass. 🙂