What Your Hammock Says About You: Color Psychology, Vol 2

Welcome to Volume 2!

Remember when you first got your ENO hammock? Whether it was from R.E.I., online, or at a festival; chances are you had the moment: “…but what color?”

 Whether it took you two seconds or twenty minutes to decide, the color of your hammock may reflect some of your key personality traits; excuse me, your awesome personality traits.

P.S. If you’re an ENOpian, you probably know just how many colors an ENO hammock can come in (um, a lot) so this is volume 2, let us know what you think if you’d like to see more.



With the combination of harmonious green, analytic yellow and ambitious red, you’re most likely an easy-going person who is a pleasure to be around. Remember, green is generous and likes to share; part of green’s compassionate nature. Where red is the color of the courageous heart, yellow is more of a mental color. Yellow  inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. So if you’re a Rasta-bearing ENOpian, chances are you’re a kind soul with a high moral sense, exciting, and good humored. It’s also probably safe to say you love the beach and some good reggae jams. Jah.



Red, white, and blue–the colors of ‘Murica and PBR. You value American principles, the free market, and justice. With blue being the color of trust and loyalty, paired with energizing red–it makes for an idealistic and assertive combination. White is the color of wholeness, purity, and new beginnings. Appropriate, seeing how America was a monumental “new beginning” at one time in history. If you’re an ENOpian sporting our home team colors then clearly you’re a dedicated patriot. You also probably enjoy grilling, and maybe even drive an American made vehicle. 😉



Being neither black nor white, charcoal is the cusp between two non-colors. Charcoal translates into compromise and neutrality. Charcoal knows how to play its cards. Charcoal is conventional, dependable and practical. But this is all to better offset the bright crimson red trim! Red inspires confidence, ambition, and in it’s simplest form; red is associated with our will to survive. If you’re an ENOpian hanging in a red-charcoal then you may be considered confident, reliable and the type who thinks before one acts. However you will always keep most of us guessing because you’re also known to be spontaneous when we least expect it.


Purple stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. Fuchsia  helps to create harmony, balance, and contentment. If you’re an ENOpian rocking a purple-fuchsia hammock then you may be taken for the the “non-conformist, free spirit” type. With the purple and fuchsia, you inspire the unique medley of selflessness and common sense in others. You also aren’t ashamed of your ideals and do not go out of your way to hide them because you respect that same quality in others.






Teal is a relative of the blue family, invoking similar principles of integrity, trust, and self-expression. However teal has a boldness to achieve great things. Teal invokes mental clarity and most likely you’re a great multi-tasker. If you’re an ENOpian relaxing in a purple teal, chances are you feel a great sense of purpose in working to attain your goals. With the unusual and creative elements purple brings to the table, you may take the path less followed to accomplish your objectives. The logic you use to to do this is positively influenced by your imagination and spirituality.



Navy being a darker blue resonates with the principles of responsibility, power, and integrity. Navy’s emotions run deep but keep a calm and placid surface. With Olive to compliment the emotional nature of blue, you stay quite grounded and probably have an affinity for nature and the outdoors. If you’re a navy-olive ENOpian, you have a strong sense of right and wrong and value security both emotionally and financially. But you’re still always down for a good adventure, what Navy-Olive isn’t right?






Black is the color of protection and a strong will. Black also relates to mystery and power. Good thing there’s the khaki to let others know that you’re also friendly and approachable. If you’re an ENOpian chilling in a khaki-black hammock, chances are that you consider at least some part of yourself sophisticated and dignified. Even though you may have a tendency to keep people at arms length now and again, it’s important to you that others see your traits of sincerity and honesty as well. Even though you’re a deep thinker, you probably give the best bear hugs around.