What Your Hammock Says About You: Color Psychology, Vol 1

Remember when you first got your ENO hammock? Whether it was from R.E.I., online, or at a festival; chances are you had the moment: “…but what color?”

 Whether it took you two seconds or twenty minutes to decide, the color of your hammock may reflect some of your key personality traits; excuse me, your awesome personality traits.

P.S. If you’re an ENOpian, you probably know just how many colors an ENO hammock can come in (um, a lot) so this is volume 1, stay tuned!




You have an enthusiasm for life! If you’re rocking an orange ENO you’re the optimistic one in the crowd with an interest in social communication. People are attracted to your vitality. No need for you to try and hide in the woods! However you have your silver trim to let others know you’re still reflective and a bit mysterious.





Blue on blue; Navy-Royal ENOpians value trust and loyalty. You’re a truth seeker in a gentle, yet persistent way. Blue is arguably the most relaxing color ENO, suggesting that you seek peace and tranquility above everything else–especially while hamocking.





This color relates to the imagination and spirituality. Purple encompasses both the passion of red and the integrity of blue.  If you’re sporting a purple ENO, you’re probably no stranger to soul searching and creativity. And with your Marigold stripes you also boast the power of the sun. With this combination you should be able to achieve anything, at least while hamocking, right?


Green relates to balance and harmony. If you’re kicking it in a green ENO, you know the importance of self-nurturing; and from this trait you’re setting yourself up to grow and eventually change for the better. The color green also loves to share, so scoot over for your buddy while hamocking. And with royal trim, suggesting trust and wisdom, who wouldn’t want to hop in an ENO with you?




Red is energizing and inspires us to take action. If you’re rocking a red ENO, you’re a natural leader and can inspire confidence in others. Red is a very powerful color because it is so attention getting and driven, so good thing you have that khaki trim to keep your feet on the ground. Unless when you’re hamocking?



If you’re an ENOpian with a Retro-Tri, maybe we saw you at Electric Forest! Which signifies your adventurous fun loving spirit. Retro-Tri ENOpians like to go against the grain and stand out in the crowd; but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to mingle with that crowd, because chances are you love people. The Retro-Tri colors stimulate socialization with the dreamy touches of teal and fuschia. The companionable dreamer.


If you’re hiding in the woods with your  Khaki-Olive, chances are that you demand for your privacy to be respected. That doesn’t mean you’re not adventurous, you are in the woods after all. Grounded, nurturing, and contemplative, Khaki-Olive- ENOpians have a love for the outdoors and that’s where you can find them in their down time…if you can spot them through the trees that is.