Welcome to our new Web site!

  Easy to navigate and even easier to enjoy, Eagles Nest Outfitters is stoked to announce the launch of our new Web site,www.enonation.com. Our redesigned site will still provide all the nomadic comfort and exceptional products we are known for, but also reflect our new growth and direction as a company.

    It opens to a montage of new ideas, showcasing our ENOvative products through breathtaking stills, sharp but simple design and photo galleries. From there, users can select any of six drop-down menus offering a huge array of services from online ordering, to distributor access, to everything in between. The site also embraces our growing social media footprint, providing links to our Blog and five user-friendly social media plugins which encourage sharing and participation.

    The fresh feel and the crisp layout of the latest product pages will impress new users, while still satisfying the great quality our long term customers have come to expect. We’ve kept the pages fun by providing more visually impactful images spread in an easier-on-the-eye format than before, while still ensuring high-class information with comparison charts, product info and specs tabs. We have also increased the number of lifestyle pictures of every product, giving a better idea of how and why you should use our products.

    We hope you enjoy the next step in ENOvation as much as we do!