Welcome Home to Indoor Hammocking


Naturally, the great outdoors is the common habitat for a hammock. Resting your legs while being suspended in nature, feeling the breeze and looking up at the sky is hard to beat! However, there could be more. There could be more hammocking in your life. By bringing it indoors with you.

More and more ENOpians are getting creative with their space and making hammocks their newest piece of furniture. For a few reasons too. Not only can you lounge in the comfort of your hammock in the mild conditions of a controlled climate. It also opens up floor space, instantly creates a guest bedroom, and you’ll probably soon become the coolest kid on the block.


Step 1: Pick a Space


Look around your home or office. Imagine where you want to mount your hammock. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around, or even donate some dormant pieces in the name of indoor hammocking. Think of all the extra space you’ll have when the hammocks aren’t hanging. Once you mount your hanging kit (we’re getting to that) it literally takes seconds to clip and unclip one side of the hammock’s carabiners–turning this new space into a versatile hammocking oasis. As you’re scouting out the location, look at angles of walls. Often between two walls where the corner meets makes a nice spot. You can always add a little rope or chain if you need to reach further across the room as well. Additionally, when hanging one in a bedroom, look for wallspace above the bed. This works great because your bed is already taking up floorspace and voila, instant bunk beds!


Step 2: Get a Hanging Kit

wall-hanging-kit-cord-binersEasy to use and simple to set up, the Hammock Hanging Kit allows you to create your relaxation station using any secure structure, basement to bedroom, patio to gazebo. Once you have the kit, get someone who knows what they’re doing with studs and all that. Coax this person (maybe you’re this person, aren’t you handy!) into carefully drilling into your chosen walls and following the provided instructions.


Step 3: Accomodate Your New Hammock Zone


Now that you’ve successfully set up your hammock in the comfort of your own home–think about the logistics of furniture around you. This is in an effort to make sure that as you are laying in the hammock–you will have to get up as little as possible. Think about moving an end table closeby for you to set your drink on. Maybe have a stash of blankets and pillows close by specifically set aside for the hammock and its future guests. Hammocking is all about relaxing, these are just the finishing touches to really seal the deal.



            ENOpians on Their Indoor Hammocking Game!