“I Do”…Want to Hammock With You

We always thought it was pretty clear that we loved hammocks. Over the years, we’ve received several wedding and engagement photos with ENO hammocks accompanying couples ready to tie the knot. We’re honored to be a part of of your special days and want to take a moment to share some of our favorite snapshots. Got a pic of you and your better half hammocking? Enter it in the photo contest!



Ali Halverson

“We found the perfect hammock spot at Olmsted Point, overlooking Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. In addition, this is the moment that Mike, my hiking partner, best friend, and now future husband, proposed! ENO hammocks will always have a special meaning for us.”


Ashley Kaser



“My finance, Dan, and I love hammocking. In fact one of our very first dates was biking along the river and finding a spot to spend the afternoon in this very hammock. When it came time to plan our engagement photos we knew we wanted to recreate that special date and couldn’t be happier with the images – people love the hammock! We shot this in early summer, right after everything turned green.”


Brooke Hicks



“We love our ENO hammocks so much we decided to have our engagement photos taken in one! Our favorite picture for sure! Thanks ENO for providing us with such awesome gear! They have come through for us in so many situations. Much love and happiness!”


Tucker Bankston

Tucker Bankston


“This shot was in our engagement photo session. We love camping and hanging out in our enos!!”



Evie Eversole



“Even though we are native Texans, my husband and I are both in love with the mountains. When we got engaged, we started joking about getting married on the side of a mountain in Colorado. Dreams quickly became a reality, and in July, after we summited a couple fourteeners, we got married in our favorite place. We told our friends to bring all the hammocks they had for post-wedding pictures (of course they were all enos!!)”


Montana Strait

Montana Strait - WI
“My wife and i got married in st.paul/mpls mn but she had lots of family in Wisconsin that was not able to make it so her family threw a large second reception for us. we brought our double nest hammock with us and set it up at the edge of the woods for our friends and family to enjoy! in the photo my wife and my self where relaxing before the party got started!”