Walk North: Thru Hiking the AT

***Note from ENO: In 2012, Kern Ducote completed a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, sleeping in his hammock every night. He documented the heart and soul of his journey and created the documentary film Walk North.***

By Kern Ducote.

The setting of the Appalachian Trail is a catalyst for genuine human interaction. With the absence of many of the potential distractions that are faced in today’s society there is a perfect opportunity to establish friendships without the bias of stereotypes or the influence of demographics, but based solely on a shared experience.

There are things that happen on this trail that one could never prepare for or expect to happen. A week of rain. A week of temperatures exceeding one hundred degrees. And when you least expect it, the overwhelming generosity and kindness from total strangers… just because.

This film is about discovering the heart and soul of the Appalachian Trail.


Walk North | Trailer from Gear Seven Creative on Vimeo.

Check out walknorththemovie.com for more information and updates, and watch the film here!