Things to Do During Spring in the Rockies

The snow is melting, the air is warming and the mud is just about here. It’s called mud season folks, and it’s not pretty. Here’s how some of us in the Rockies cope.

1Fly Away

It’s amazing how many skiers head to the Caribbean once the snow melts. Resort workers and local skiers flock to the beach like celebrities to rehab. Last time I went to Mexico in May, I seemed to know half the folks at the swim-up bar. That’s really quite annoying when I’m down there to make a fool of myself.

White on White

After spending the winter bundled up, it’s amazing how white some us can get. I l was almost as white as a Brit on my first day at the beach. Okay, I could never get that white. It’s our chance to get the rest of our bodies as burned as our faces. On that note, the swim-up bar patrons look like raccoons in swim suits.

Whose Kids are These?

Who are these little people populating my house? I’ve managed to spend any free time I could find on the slopes, so now I guess is as good a time as any to re-introduce myself to the young-uns. That is, until my golf league starts up.

1Yard Work

The first thing we need to do is throw out some grass seed while the ground is still moist. In Colorado, this takes on a whole new meaning with the passage of amendment 64.

Sleep oh Sweet Sleep

Instead of getting up at 5 am to beat traffic up the hill, I can now sleep in on weekends. That is, until my idiot neighbor starts firing up his lawn mower at 7 am. This is the same guy who never once ran his snow-blower over my driveway. I wonder when the grass killer I put out on his lawn will kick in.

Garage Sales, Farmer’s Markets and Me

Why do garage sales and farmer’s markets start so damn early? The wife always wants to hit them right when they open. What, is that velvet Elvis and box of peaches going to go before I get there?

The Price is Right

2 for 1 pricing makes it now possible to enjoy that fancy restaurant in Vail you’ve always dreamed of trying Of course you’ll need a second mortgage on the house, but at least now it doesn’t require a total refinance. Now is also the time to purchase that “How’s Your Aspen” or that “Breckenridge: a drinking town with a skiing problem” t-shirt you’ve been coveting all year. Sure, you could get a whole suit at Men’s Wearhouse for the same price, but you’re going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.

Michael Ryan