The Perfect Playlist for Your Relaxing Weekend Hang-out

Picture it. You’re at your favorite spot to stretch out in your hammock. You’re kicking back with a nice iced (or hot, if you’d prefer) drink. But there’s one thing missing: the perfect selection of songs to help you relax, decompress and—you know—maybe take a nap to.

But don’t panic. Here’s the perfect playlist for your weekend hang-out. Oh, and just a warning: you’ll definitely want to use extra caution if operating a vehicle or heavy machinery later in the day.

Lullaby, Lord HuronLullaby, Lord Huron

Yes, the name of the song is “Lullaby.” And yes, it’s a great song to drift off to. Granted the lyrics may be a little murder-y (“You were out finding trouble again/ There’s a fire in your eyes and there’s blood on your hands”), but the perfect harmony and strum of the guitar more than make up for it. And Lord Huron doesn’t lie when they sing, “So just lay down your head and I’ll sing you to sleep,” because they certainly will.

Slow and Steady, Of Monsters and MenSlow and Steady, Of Monsters and Men

The soft croon of Of Monsters and Men’s lead singer Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir is practically perfect. And “Slow and Steady” is as relaxing as it sounds. Even the build-up in the chorus feels chill when paired with lyrics like, “And I move slow and steady/ But I feel like a waterfall.”


Adventures in Your Own Backyard, Patrick WatsonAdventures in Your Own Backyard, Patrick Watson

Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson is amazingly talented. Not only does this man have an amazing voice, but he also plays piano, guitar, organ and accordion—oh, and did I mention his amazing voice? “Adventures in Your Own Backyard” is easily one of his best, and the slow indie rock croon will definitely help you kick back and relax.

In the Waiting Line, Zero 7In the Waiting Line, Zero 7

“Do you believe in what you see?” sings collaborator Sophie Barker on this very chill Zero 7 track. Maybe its’ the kind of question that would usually cause anxiety, but when you’re listening to this downtempo beat, it’s the kind that makes you introspective and meditative.


The Fall, RhyeThe Fall, Rhye

This is certainly a sexy song, but the vocals are light and airy, though still beautifully powerful. The lyrics “Make love to me/ One more time/ Before you go away” are on the sad side, but taken together with the instrumental and vocals, it’s not at all somber—and also the perfect song to lean back, close your eyes and hum along to.


Strawberry Swing, ColdplayStrawberry Swing, Coldplay

If you’re not totally relaxed yet, this song is definitely going to get you there.  Featuring Coldplay’s signature electronic-chill sound and lyrics like, “Don’t you wanna curve away? / It’s such a perfect day, it’s such a perfect day”, “Strawberry Swing” will definitely make you drowsy.


Watermark, EnyaWatermark, Enya

Everyone knows listening to Enya is unbelievably calming. So it would just seem careless to not include one of her songs on this list. And this one? Listen to this with a slow rock back and forth and you’ll be snoozing in no time.



Weightless, Marconi UnionWeightless, Marconi Union

Science actually says this is the most relaxing song because your heart rate will slow to match the beat, which will then lead to a drop in blood pressure. So don’t listen if you don’t plan to nap. Because with this song, it’s likely you won’t have a choice.

By Sarah Esterman