The Lotus Lounge is Here!

The Lotus Lounge, ENO’s first mobile entertainment product, has finally debuted at Highland Brewing Company’s “The Meadow” on June 21st! The event featured a laser light show, visual projection art, fire

spinning, dancing, ENO hammocks and Loungers, and music from Asheville based DJ Marley Carroll and PUSH/PULL.

Over 100 hammocks were hung up around the event area, both attached to the Lotus Lounge and on ENOpods – ENO’s patented, portable, hammock hanging stands. A large tent covered the event, housing a 5000 watt sound system, professional lighting, and an innovative DJ booth at the center of the Lotus Lounge. The result was a seamless integration of relaxation space and kinetic vibe.

Check out these pictures from this awesome event and look out for the Lotus Lounge at future events near you!!