The ENO Brand Ambassador Program

Calling all ENOpians!

Do you love hammocks? Do you want to be the coolest camper on your college campus? Uh, duh…of course you do! Well, let us introduce you to the ENO Brand Ambassador Program (BAP)!

The ENO BAP aims to spread the word about our perfect products on a grassroots level through colleges and universities across the Nation. Each BAP will represent ENO by hanging hammocks across their campuses, collect potential customer email addresses, promote our contests and giveaways, hand out discount cards, photograph ENO moments and answer any ENO questions people throw at you! Sound like fun? Well, it gets better. We give YOU free stuff to use whenever, and wherever, you choose!

The ultimate goal of the BAP is to have everyone on your campus in a hammock or wanting one. And let’s be honest…how hard is that going to be really?!

Here are you a few reasons why YOU should get going with the BAP:

  1. Why pay for ENO gear, when you can get it for free? Based on your effort and participation you can win ENO gear for you, your friends, and your family. This works out especially well around the holidays.
  2. Use your experience for a resume booster or summer internship.
  3. Based on the rewards program, you can earn gift cards to your local outfitter and favorite store/restaurants.
  4. You’re now the most popular person on your campus.
  5. Earn access to special pricing on a variety of outdoor gear.

If you’re interested and want to get a feel for the ENO way, check out this link of one of our already amazing ambassadors. Then, when you’re sold, shoot an email to and we will get you started!

By Elizabeth Cook - Furman University, SC
By Elizabeth Cook - Furman University, SC

Look how creative you can be on your college campus? Elizabeth Cook and friend were stumped when it appeared their University had cut down every hammock-hanging branch in sight. Determined to relax in their hammocks somewhere, they found the next best thing (with permission!)…a giant piece of modern art.