The best place to swim – Lakes vs. Pools

Lakes vs. Pools

Aah summer. A time of barbeques, sunshine, hiking, and enjoying the long, warm days. Something that I look forward to every year is finally being able to shed those winter layers and get out to a body of water for some r & r. Going swimming is one of the best things about summer, where the biggest decision you have to make is where to do it. The ocean, a river, a lake, a pool…it’s up to you!

Each of these options would be a prime choice; but if your neighborhood only offers a pool or a lake, you have a decision to make. And though pools are a great place to spend a lazy summer day, you may be surprised at just how much more awesome lakes are. Here are 7 reasons why…

The beauty of the lake

  1. No chlorine  Chlorine is a chemical. And though it is widely used as a powerful sanitizer, chlorine-treated water can pose some potential health risks. If one is exposed to too much chlorine, they could potentially face some health defects including respiratory problems, damage to the nervous system (a study done by the Center of Disease Prevention and Control found that 16% of chlorine-treated water cases can be accredited to neurological dysfunctions), and skin and eye infections. Pools take great care in making sure that the right amount of chlorine is used to ensure patron safety, so you shouldn’t start boycotting your neighborhood pool. But if you choose to swim in a lake, you can be sure that you won’t even be around chlorine!
  2. Lakes are a billion times prettier  Unless you are one who thinks that a water-filled hole in concrete is particularly pleasing to the eye, most everyone will agree that lakes are beautiful. With trees, grass, wildlife, and flowers, lakes are a perfect place to enjoy nature. 
  3. Water activities  While a pool only allows a modestly-sized blow-up raft, a lake allows an array of water activities, including boating, water skiing, jet skiing, and wake boarding.
  4. The hike  A lot of times, you have to hike some distance to get to lakes. This is a plus for outdoor adventurers!
  5. Dogs are welcome  Unlike pools where dogs are not permitted, you can always bring your pooch to the lake! They will have a great time swimming and hanging out with you.
  6. Relatively less crowded  Everyone’s experienced a day where the whole town decides to come to the pool. You have about a foot’s worth of a parameter to tread water, and you keep bumping into kids with floaties. In a lake, everyone is more spread out, allowing much more room for activities!
  7. Hammocking  Lakes are perfect for hanging up your hammock. With all the trees around it, it isn’t hard to find two that you can use to kick back and feel the breeze off of the water, watch the ripples and the skater bugs on the surface, and relax. Awesome!

The perfect hammocking spot...