The ABC’s of Hammocking

aWelcome to the first post of the ‘ABC’s of Hammocking’. Starting this week, a new post outlining a letter of the alphabet in relation to hammocking will be posted. Going in alphabetical order, we are starting today with the letter ‘A’. You may find this to be a childish experience, but it is important to remember that childish thoughts are what causes us to grow into maturity. This hammock alphabet is meant to grow you into an expert hammocker. So enjoy nostalgic moments of kindergarten, and watch as you, as a hammocker, grow into a full-blown hammocking expert IF… you faithfully follow these posts. Nothing happens if there is no dedication. Just remember that this is all in good fun, and hopefully these posts will be as exciting as finger painting was when you were still learning the alphabet.

‘A’ Stands For Anchor

In order to hang a hammock, well, you need something to hang it from. These are known as anchors. Pretty self-explanatory, but, let’s not assume we know everything. As you hammock, you may grow bored of always hanging your hammock between two trees. This is when it’s convenient to have some options. Hammocks can hang from just about anything given the right equipment. Get creative. Hammocks have been hung from walls, ceilings, bridges, Mayan ruins…ok, I made that last one up, but it could have happened. The point is, get creative. Figure out ways to work with your environment.

When you do find an anchor point, remember to treat it with care, especially if it’s a tree. You don’t want to saw that tree in half with your rope. Wrap the rope your using multiple times, so that the pressure isn’t centered on only one point. Also, you may want to bring along a pad to put between your anchor point and ropes if you want to make sure you don’t leave any signs of wear behind.

‘A’ Stand for Apparel

It goes without saying that you want to be comfy when you’re chillin’ in your hammock. But, that doesn’t mean you have to desert all sense of style. Check out ENO’s options for hoodies, hats, and other apparel. You can sport your hammock fanaticism and look legit while you wear an ENO hoodie.

And, this is the important part: always remember to wear socks. Even if the weather’s nice outside, it will probably get cold at night, and socks are a must. You can lose 20% of your body heat from your feet, and that’s a lot when your weathering the chilly outdoors. So keep your socks on, and maybe even consider getting an extra warm pair.

And that’s about all the ample advice an avid hammocker can attempt to advise to anyone who adores a life suspended in the air.