Tailgating ENO Style!

Hey ENOpians!

We’re a few weeks late…but it’s COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON!!! That means eating, drinking, and feisty rivalries! Although some of this is done bellowing in the stands or on the sidelines, we believe the majority can be had TAILGATING! It’s during this pre-game period where you fill your bellies, quench your thirsts, paint your faces, yell at your opponents, and hammock! Yup, you heard right…hammock! What better place to string up your ENO than between your Ford Explorer and your pals Chevy Silverado? It’s comfy, it’s convenient, and it allows you to concentrate your energies on crushing the other side by keeping you relaxed and raring to go! Plus, you can whip it down, stuff it away and throw it in your car in less than a minute, maximizing your time tailgating and watching the game. Need proof? Look at some of our ENOpians already in action!

What are you waiting for? Grab your ENO SingleNestDoubleNest or DoubleDeluxe, pack your travel-sized grill, load up the cooler, and get out to the football game! See you Saturday!!!