Spring Break with ENO!

Hey ENOpians!

It’s March! It’s Spring Break time! And what does that mean? Sun, sand, sea, and NO SCHOOL! Insert sigh of relief. But where do you go that’s friendly on the wallet, doesn’t require rushing to get your passport sorted, but still allows you to bring your faithful ENO in your hand luggage? Check out these suggestions borrowed from about.com’s Student Travel section!

1)      Drive to Mexico:

You can get to Matamoros and Nuevo Progresso from Texas’s South Padre Island, but be careful if you do venture there. Cabo San Lucas is also achievable, but it’s a slightly longer trek. Baja’s Rosarito Beach and Mazatlan are also super popular!

2)      Fly to the Caribbean:

It is possible to go to the Caribbean without a passport! You get to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands just as easily as nipping to Myrtle Beach  (which funnily enough is another Spring Break destination!). And just think how sweet lounging in your DoubleNest on a warm Caribbean beach would be…

3)      There’s Hawaii:

Although Hawaii’s been given the name of a tourist crazy mad house, there’s parts of the pretty island that are different! Try Kauai with its black sand beaches! Photo op!

4)      Go to the Snow:

Crested Butte in Colorado is just one of many places that are Spring Break friendly, and have excellent snow! You may need to take your Ember though… Click on the ‘Go to the Snow’ for more snow filled destinations.

5)      F-L-O-R-I-D-A!!!

So close…so cheap to get too…and Amtrak gives you student discounts to travel there! South Beach and Miami are apparently the hottest destinations to hit up this year, and just the place to rock your new ENO Retro SingleNest?!

6)      Go Big in Texas:

Check out Padre Island near Corpus Christi for Spring Break festivities. There’s also a few spots like Hill Country near Austin that’s proved popular with the SB-ers!

7)      Myrtle Beach:

Our local Spring Break spot! This Oceanside town is made for Spring Break, and you can find anything from beaches to clubs to good food. And it’s pretty cheap to get to, too!

To help you pack, here are a few ENO suggestions of what to bring, and why!

The Retro DoubleNest:

It’s colorful enough to draw attention, and cool enough to withstand the stares. It’s also nice and big, so you can share it with any fellow Spring Breaker that takes your fancy!

The Saguaro Lounger:

If you’re not feeling a hammock, but still keen for a comfortable hang out spot on the beach, the Lounger is perfect! Especially in the summery Saguaro color.

The Twilights:

PERFECT for beach parties and keeping things popping after the sun goes down.

The ENO Hacky Sack:

Games on the beach! What’s better?!

The Liberty Water Bottle:

Well, you need to stay hydrated don’t you?!

Whatever you choose and wherever you go…HAVE FUN ENOPIANS!!!