Songs for New Adventures

New Adventures

Sunlight beats down on you as you speed down the highway. You stretch your arm through the open window, resting your elbow on the door and letting your fingers curl and uncurl in the wind. Your other hand softly taps the steering wheel in time to the music; hopeful lyrics fill the cramped car. You lean your head back against the headrest, enjoying the sun on your chest and your face. The car has been packed to the brim; and though the corner of a cardboard box with your trusty hammock is sticking in your ear, your leg room is crowded, and you can see absolutely nothing through the back window, you’re excited about the open road ahead of you.

Whether you’re moving, taking a road trip, or just going on an adventure, leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar is thrilling and nerve-wracking. Here are some songs to accompany you on your journey: