Shutterbug? Enter in the Photo Contest!


If you’re an ENOpian whose been around the block, then maybe you’ve already participated in our photo contest. And maybe you know just how thrilling it is if you win! Read on to know why and how to take your hammock photos to the next level.

Once a month, one ENOpian whose entered in the photo contest is chosen to win up to $215 dollars of product and multiple shout outs across our social medias and newsletter. For example, the photo above, is January’s winning photo. Thanks again Trevor Lee!

Regardless of whether or not you win, it’s nice to have a collection of memories with your hammock and your time in the great outdoors. Keep in mind we’re suckers for fabulous nature shots paired with our hammocks. We love going on your hammock adventures with you, so thanks for taking us along!


Nice Composition


Now, we’re not all fabulous photographers, but with a little practice you can achieve a beautifully composed photo. Here are some tips to play with. Remember to just experiment and have fun.

  •  Be focused on the subject. What is the “story” you’re trying to tell with this photograph? It’s okay if the part of the background is blurry, as long as the subject is clear. A soft background is called bokeh in photography jargon, and now you can tell people you did it that way on purpose. If you’re trying to incorporate both the hammock and the awesome mountain view, make sure there is separation between multiple subjects to avoid unsightly merges.You want to draw the focus to the subject. You can use proximity, light, or framing techniques to do this.
  • Be aware of space. If you have negative space, make sure it’s being used in a way to compliment the subject. If you’re taking a photo of your buddy chilling in the hammock and your backpack or hoodie is creeping on the side frame–consider moving it for the sake of the photo. Simplicity often produces the best photos.
  • Don’t center all the time. One of the first rules of photography. Try to get out of the habit of ALWAYS putting the subject in the center. Sometimes it’s appropriate for a close up shot where the subject is filling almost the whole frame, but most of the time your composition will come out much more interesting if you switch it up. On the same note, try to avoid having the horizon line run straight through the center of the photo. Your photo will have more depth and personality once you get away from centering. Play with your angles.

Safety First

Micheal Naples - Trap Pond State Park, DE

Enopians are adventurous types. Oh, the places our hammocks can go! But if you’re here to win the photo contest, just know that if it’s higher than 18 inches off the ground it will be disqualified. Hammock adventuring is an at-your-own-risk activity and we love the bold spirit of ENOpians, but we have to play if safe. However always feel free to share these types of photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with us!


Show us the Logo

Katy Haupt - Maryland

If you’re an ENOpian then let’s see that logo! This is by far less important than composition or safety. However, we are always partial to great photos with our logo in it. If you’re setting up your shot don’t forget to flip the attached stuff sack over and give us a glimpse of that E-N-O!

Submitting The Photo

Wes Engstrom - Lake Irwin, CO

You can enter as many times as you like. On the homepage of click on the “Photo” tab and in the sub menu click “Photo Contest”. Fill out the entry form correctly and completely. (It’s short!) Be sure to spend some effort telling us about the photo, after all if you win, don’t you want your words to be heard?  Also consider the image quality of your photo; the higher the resolution, the clearer the content. Next, simply click “send”.



These are just tips for the ENOpians out there that have their eye on the prize. But we love all your photos and don’t want to hinder your creative process. You all have never ceased to amaze us with the originality of your photos. So make sure your style shines through, that’s most important.