Ridgeline with Prusik Knots

Ridgeline with Prusik Knots
Ridgeline with Prusik Knots
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Ridgeline w/ Prusik Knots

Get MacGyver.

Lost or tangled your ridgeline? This replacement, complete with 6 versatile prusik knots, is compatible with any ENO hammock, rain tarp or accessory, and can be used as a campsite staple.

Setup And Take Down In Seconds
Setup & Takedown in Seconds
Compatible With All ENO products
Compatible With All ENO Products
6 Prusik Knots
Setup & Takedown in Seconds
Free Shipping Yes
Weight 1 oz.
Material Nylon
Dimensions 20'
Unfolded Dimensions 20'
Best Use Camping & backpacking
Price $4.95
Warranty Info

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