Hammock Insulation

Hammock Insulation

Hammock Insulation

If cold weather is cutting into your hammock season, it’s time to beat the breeze with a combination of our cozy quilts. Hammock camping is now accessible year-round with our collection of quilts. Don’t let the cold weather drive you indoors.

  • Blaze™ Under Quilt

    Blaze™ Under Quilt

    750fp Duck Down, combined with a ripstop nylon shell and a moisture repelling DWR finish, guarantee that you’ll stay warm and dry.
  • Ignitor™ Top Quilt

    Ignitor™ Top Quilt

    Don’t be left struggling with your sleeping bag - cold weather camping just caught on fire with the Ignitor™.
  • Vulcan™ Under Quilt

    Vulcan™ Under Quilt

    The Vulcan Under Quilt uses PrimaLoft® Silver Hi-Loft insulation for superior warmth and softness.
  • Vesta™ Top Quilt

    Vesta™ Top Quilt

    Primaloft® Silver Hi-Loft fill and a cozy draft collar make the Vesta a champion in the fight against winter!
  • Ember 2™ Under Quilt

    Ember 2™ Under Quilt

    The polyester-filled Ember 2 surrounds the sides and bottom of your hammock with a hammock specific cut.
  • Spark™ Top Quilt

    Spark™ Top Quilt

    The counterpart to the Ember 2 Under Quilt, the Spark makes for the perfect cool weather hammocking solution.
  • AirLoft™ Hammock Mattress

    AirLoft™ Hammock Mattress

    Designed with attached comfort wings to cushion every contact point between you and your hammock.
  • HotSpot™


    The HotSpot slips around any standard size sleeping pad and holds it securely in your hammock.