Riney Ranch: the Journey of a Lifetime

Justin Riney during Expedition Florida 500

You’ve heard of Ed Viesturs, Pete Whittaker and Yvon Chouinard, but have you heard of Justin Riney? If you haven’t, you need to!

In only a year, Riney manned the award-winning Expedition Florida 500: a modern-day exploration of Florida’s coastline, waterways and aquatic ecosystem. And, after achieving honors from the Florida Department of State upon completion, he’s at it again, and he’s inviting you along with him.

He is currently planning and training for an all-new series of adventures: Riney Rach. A lifelong assignment with no limitations on terrain, location, subject matter, or chosen medium. He’ll venture on and off the beaten path, showcasing the vast beauty of the outdoors via social media. Road trips. Camping. Wilderness. Hiking. Hammocking. Surfing. History. Hunting. Survival. Paddling. Wildlife. Sailing. Culture. Fishing. Diving. Conservation. He’ll work with an all-star cast of characters and organizations, promoting a renewed sense of stewardship and excitement for the outdoors within a technology-driven world. He’ll write books, create films, and produce stunning photography along the way. But the adventures and travel are just the beginning…Riney’s chasing a much bigger dream and wants to change the world with his pursuit.

See the land through Riney’s eyes on his bold adventure into the unknown. Celebrate the highs and lows. Discover wild, enchanting places to explore. Go behind the scenes to experience the planning process, the training, the physical adventures, the post-production, and everything in between. Real-time updates, a creative approach that’s never been done before, and an exhilarating, inspirational storyline that you’ll never forget.

Riney Ranch:  an unprecedented and captivating documentary of one man’s life, his courageous pursuit of the American Dream, and his unwavering passion to explore, document, and protect his home.

As a proud product sponsor for Riney’s adventures, we’d love to share with you his energy. Follow the journey on Facebook at: www.fb.com/rineyranch

Riney Ranch