Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Hey ENOpians!

Do you remember singing “rain rain go away, come again another day” when you were a kid? Well, TG Daily suggests we may have start singing it all grown up too! According to Princeton University researchers, day-to-day weather conditions have become less and less predictable in the past generation, “with significant fluctuations in sunshine and rainfall affecting more than a third of the planet.”

The researchers claim that super sunny and super cloudy days are more common today than 30 years ago, and the chance of dramatic shifts from thunderstorm to dry conditions have risen in frequency since the late 1990s.

Aside from these changes affecting ecosystem stability, pest and disease control, and agriculture and solar-energy production, they can also put a dampener on your next camping trip. If the researchers are right, you could begin your weekly hammocking adventure in bright sunshine, only to find heavy rain at the end of the trail. Well, don’t despair, we have a solution. Our RainTarps! So, pull up a chair, dig out your rain boots, and listen up!

  • Our FastFly Tarp is a fast and simple way to keep out mild winter annoyances or blaring summer rays. It only has 4 guy points, but provides a sprawling overhead shelter making it the ideal candidate for quick and easy protection.
  • Our ProFly Tarp is the perfect medium between too much and not enough: it offers sound foul-weather protection, but it doesn’t close you off from everything around you. It boasts 6 guy points giving it a sweet, streamlined shape, and also comes featherweights Sil-Nylon.
  • Finally, our DryFly Tarp is the be-all and end-all of rain tarps. Its 8 guy points give you such an ample footprint it allows you to stay safe, sound and dry in anything short of a hurricane. With that kind of coverage, you’ll never have to miss a camping/hiking/outdoors trip again!

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So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to check out all the color combinations and get yours now! After all, the Princeton University researchers said so!

Josh Humble from Minnesota secures his DryFly RainTarp to keep him and his belongings safe and dry from the ocean spray!

As a side note, help prevent any further dramatic changes in crazy weather by taking care of our ecosystem Always clear up after yourself on any outdoor adventure and why not walk or cycle to work instead of drive?