Potentially Platonic Pals and their Mongol Rally Adventure!

****Note from ENO: This Summer, the Potentially Platonic Pals will depart on the Mongol Rally Adventure, raising money for charities while having a whole lot of fun. ENO is sponsoring the team with product and encouragement, and they will be updating us with their progress right here on the ENO blog. Want to donate to their charities? Check ’em out HERE!****

As seniors in college we are surrounded by the stress of what comes next. Everyone is scrambling to put together a resume and, fingers crossed, get a job that will last at least the year. It is assumed that for a biology major like myself some kind of graduate school, probably medical, is on the horizon. People call this the real world, but I call it an escape from actual real world. The real world is about making connections with new and old friends, stepping outside of my comfort zone, embracing the moment, getting through the tough experiences and coming out the other side seeking new challenges.

For this reason three friends and I are competing in the Mongol Rally, which is a “race” from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. There is no winner or loser, just thousands of miles between the start line and finish line, and an excuse to raise over $1500 in charity. Our steed is a 2005 1.2L Nissan Micra, a car that would be easier to push all the way to Mongolia than expect it to manage driving to the Arctic Circle and “roads” of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Our homes the expected two months will be our Eno hammocks and whisper light stoves. Why are we doing this? To experience the real world that the majority of people will unfortunately never be able to experience and raise money for causes that we truly care about.

Check out our Facebook page here to follow our adventure and donate to some worthy causes.

Potentially Platonic Pals Route
Potentially Platonic Pals Route