Our Talk with Ocean’s Project


We recently hit the airwaves! Our marketing coordinator, Natalie DeRatt, talked with Roger Overall about everything hammocks on the podcast: Ocean’s Project.

Oceans Project row to raise funds to provide free, online, environmental and STEM education to young people worldwide. Starting in 2010, they now provide education to over 17,000 young people in over 53 countries. Education helps young people with employment and prospects, and to raise their aspirations.

Their talk was fun-spirited and touched on some of the highlights we have going on these days. So kick back in your hammock and give it a listen!

Ocean’s Project:

“In this episode, we are joined by Natalie DeRatt of Eagles Nest Outfitters (@enohammocks), who make hammocks. We talk about the origins of hammocks, the epidemic that is sweeping the USA and how footballer @jjkoval is one a number of football players tweeting from their hammocks. And if you ever wanted to find out about the hammock made of bacon, this is the podcast for you.”