Necessary Gear for the Spring Hammock Camper

It’s still a bit cold to camp in your hammock without an underquilt…but spring is right around the corner, and a lot of the gear you’ll need to enjoy yourself during the warm months is considerably less expensive prior to Memorial Day. Here are some of the items you should pick up as soon as your tax return arrives.

Tiki TorchesCitronella Tiki Torches

There are few things that genuinely suck about cool summer evenings, but mosquitoes are definitely at the top of the list. If you want to prevent these pests from interrupting your relaxation time, pick up a couple Citronella (caps?) tiki torches. Coils and candles are also available if you’re looking for something smaller, and there’s always a mosquito net if you’d rather refrain from burning substances altogether. But in terms of keeping skeeters away, you can’t do much better than these torches.

hot spotBlanket and Incubator

Like tents, hammocks are typically made from thin synthetic materials that don’t insulate very well, so layers above and below your body are essential for warmth when the temperature drops. It’s summertime, so you probably won’t need multiple layers of goosedown or bearskin; think a light blanket over your body and a thick incubator like the HotSpot (basically a sleeping bag for your backside) between you and the hammock.


ProFly LimeaidTarp

Nothing ruins your appointment with a hammock like precipitation. If you live in an area where the summer season doesn’t guarantee three sunny, moisture-free months in a row, then a tarp is probably a wise investment. They’re cheap, dependable, and, in the event of a rainstorm, invaluable.

AtlasSuspension Straps

The leave no trace movement is here for a reason – you should never have to pound spikes into tree bark just to hang your hammock. Thanks to Suspension Straps, rather than cold, steely force, these implements use tension to support the weight of the hammock and keep you suspended and relaxed in a tree-friendly fashion.


Hammocks are undeniably comfy, but lounging in one for hours could result in a stiff neck. A soft, supportive pillow is essential for any long-term lounge time.



Did you think we’d forget the most important ingredient to a perfect summer afternoon cocktail? One of the most important decisions you’ll make this summer is: Double or Single? A DoubleNest will allow you to share with someone else, but will add a few more pounds to your pack size, while a SingleNest will keep it lighter. But what if your puppy wants to get on board? It should be noted that either choice will probably provide you with hours of soothing ‘me time’, provided you have a couple of trees in your backyard.

DoubleNest Hammock