National Swop Ideas Day!

What’s Up ENOpians!

You may not regularly celebrate this national ‘holiday,’ but today (09/10) is National Swop Ideas Day! Let’s party!

To get your brainy parts whirring with creativity, we want to share some our most recent top ideas from our fave ENOpians! Take a glance, then share your own ideas with us! What products would you like for us to make? What products would you like for us to change? New colors? New designs? Good or bad, let us know! We love your feedback! Comment here, join the conversation on our FB page, or email We can’t wait to hear from  you!

When Caroline Odell and company went to Max Patch in the Pisgah National Forest, NC, they realized they didn’t bring their kite – so they flew their hammock instead!

Jared Naegele and his girlfriend were stuck beach-side with no shade – so out came the hammock! It not only makes a great relaxation station, but an awesome sunshade too!

Grant Cochran was stuck with an awesome view but no trees for his hammock, so what did he do? Used two jeeps instead! Great idea Grant!

Also stuck with no trees in sight, these nifty ENOpians put their heads and brawn together and still managed to hammock! Let’s hope they took turns 🙂

Such a beautiful shot of Diego Calderoni stringing his ENO up to the wing of the plane. Great thinking!

A very brave and quick thinking Damon Jobin whizzing down the highway with a makeshift ENO skateboard sail! Wow!

Still on the sail vibe, Zach Schaarsmidt also capitalized on his ENO’s durability and hoisted it up to aid his reed boat float across the lake. Sweet!

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