Love from Portland…

Hola ENOpians!

We don’t want swing our own hammock, but we have another holiday hit we want to show you! This one originates in Oregon’s beautiful Portland courtesy of They feature ENO SingleNest hammocks on their “2011 Guide to Gifts for the Outdoor Lover Part 1: Gifts under $75” page.

Eagles Nest Outfitters makes one of my favorite must-have camping supplies: The Singlenest Hammock. This baby is compact, light, comfortable, and strong as an ox (holds up to 400 lbs). So far I’ve only used my Singlenest for camping but the ENO folks also make rainflys and bug nets for their hammocks. I think I’ll need to test all that out on a backpacking trip soon!”

SingleNest Hammock in Red/Charcoal
SingleNest Hammock in Red/Charcoal

We love this kind of feedback, and we hope you appreciate it too when you’re faced with this year’s secret Santa!