It’s Friday, Ready to #HikerChat?

#HikerChatHave y’all ever participated in #HikerChat? Once a week, Utah-based TETON Sports and North Carolina-based American Backcountry co-host a conversation about anything and everything hiking. While initially you might not think that the outdoorsy types are necessarily the most technological–think again.

This growing digital conversation has become a rich place for hikers and nature lovers to share and gather information. Regardless of your experience level, #HikerChat is for anyone that wants to spend their Friday lunch hour talking with real humans about exploring and planning their next adventure.

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Want to be part of the conversation?

1. Get a Twitter account if you don’t already have one. (To all those who “don’t get Twitter”, It’s  not so bad guys, things like #HikerChat happen there!)

2. On Friday at noon EST, or whatever your time equivalent is, type “#HikerChat” into the search bar. Now the only thing your feed will show is all things #HikerChat. (Psst, hey newbies, be sure to leave enough room in each tweet for: #HikerChat. This is how you stay in the conversation.)

3.  TETON Sports and American Backcountry will ask a series of questions and that’s where the fun begins. Answer the questions, be sure to interact with others and just enjoy it. You’ll be surprised how much people can share technically and emotionally about their hiking experiences in 140 characters.

The hosts always pick a theme, themes in the past have included: new adventures, nature photography, human-powered travel, scary trail stories, and camp etiquette. Just to name a few examples.


Since #HikerChat is gaining more and more recognition for how awesome it is, sometimes all those tweets at once can be a little overwhelming. There are tools that can help you organize what everyone is saying into a more digestible format.

To learn more about these Twitter tools, check out this video from one of the hosts, TETON Sports:


Want a taste of the trail talk in the middle of the week? Search for #HikerChat anytime in the day and you can most likely find a trail blazer out there looking to talk about the outdoors. #Hikerchatrers all over are even organizing their own meetups. ENO is a loyal participant in #HikerChat and always finds a way to get hammocks–and stunning hammock photos–in the mix.




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