How To: Tie a Perfect Bowline

You’ve got your hammock set up, your bug net on, but your rain tarp isn’t cooperating? It’s probably just the knot! Check out the bowline – tried and tested, this knot is super easy to tie and won’t jam under pressure, so you’ll never be breaking finger nails untying your Ridgeline again 🙂


Step One:

Wrap the loose end of your Ridgeline around the tree holding the section closest to the tarp in your right hand, and the loose end in your left hand.


Step Two:

Make a loop (or rabbit hole) in the section of the line you’re holding in your right hand.


Step Three:

Thread the loose end of the line (in your left hand), through the loop in your right hand – the rabbit is going out of its hole.


Step Four:

Pull the loose end out of the hole and place it behind the line you’re holding in your right hand, just below the loop – the rabbit is running around the tree.


Step Four:

Wrap the loose end around the line, and thread it back through the loop – the rabbit got scared and jumped back into its hole.


Step Five:

Pull tight, and the knot is complete! Wahoo!