How To Defeat The Cold Butt Syndrome

How To Defeat The Cold Butt SyndromeSure, camping in hammocks is awesome in the summer… But what about winter? The cold chills and winds have oft steered hangers away because their rear ends were just too cold to take anymore. Here are six tips for your cold weather hanging.

Use a hot water bottle.

Just boil some water, put it in your Nalgene (or other bottle that can withstand hot water), then stick it in your hammock. It doesn’t matter so much where, as long as it’s there. This works well with a VBL.

8134400616_95c9db3209_bGet a sleeping pad.

There are some stiff pads out there, but try to find one that can mold/be cut into a smaller strip so that it doesn’t affect the way you actually sleep at night.

Utilize the underquilt.

If you were to slice a cold weather sleeping bag in half, this would be one of those halves. It resides just under your hammock to trap heat, keeping your bum warm all night long.


Sure, sure, your dinner was an hour and a half ago. But putting some food in your belly will keep your body burning that fuel to keep you warm. Throw some trail mix down and you’ll see that the logic is sound.


“Huh? You want me to sleep with plastic?” That’s right. Or silnylon. This acts as a vapor barrier liner (VBL). In order for this to work, you have to put the sheet close to your body before the sleeping bag, over quilt, and any other layers go on. This will help to trap the heat that your body produces naturally.

Cover your ends.

You lose heat fastest from your feet and head, so it makes sense to cover them up with warmth. Get some warm socks and a good winter cap to keep them happy.

By James Kennedy