How to be Green at Festivals

As music festivals attract more and more of a crowd–they also produce more waste. Often, the common theme for festivals–regardless of music genre–is the notion of people coming together and working as a team to make the world a better place. However, if you’ve ever seen a festival at the end…it looks pretty gnarly. Thankfully festival goers and promoters alike are embracing innovation simple and technical to make festivals a greener place. Here are some easy but impacting ways to you to get started this summer!

P.S. It’s ECO week for Electric Forest!! Check out their Facebook Timeline for more tips to get your green game on.


Bring Garbage & Recycle Bags


Most festivals pass out garbage bags upon gate entry. However it doesn’t hurt to bring some extra. What if you produce more than the given bags? One bag might break and you will need to double bag it. Blue recycling bags are also great to instantly distinguish the difference and prevent trash getting mixed with recycling.


Try the Solar Panel Charger


This technology is just now gaining more and more popularity with the festival crowd. Which is great! Companies like SolarGo Productions are playing a big role in introducing festival goers to the different ways they can keep their phone, e-cig, or anything else charged.


Bring Your Own Cup



Perhaps, one of the simplest techniques to reduce waste and hence the one so many seem resistant to. Fill up your reusable water bottle or CamelBak instead of buying countless disposable ones. Get a cup like Klean Kanteen that comes with a clip, fill your beer and lemonade in this rather than plastic cups. Bonnaroo this year is debuting their “Refill Revolution” campaign, offering discount incentives to festival goers who invest in the reusable package.


Be an Anti-Litter Bug


I’m not saying you need to spend all your free time picking up trash. Just every now and then. Anytime you head to the trash or recycle bins, pick up things along the way. Someone will see you and think “man, that’s really cool of them,” and the trend will continue. Really dedicated? Check in with the Clean Vibes Trading Post across festivals this summer to see how you can win some fabulous prizes for reducing litter–like an ENO hammock and straps!


Reduce Across the Board

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Plan amongst your crew before everyone packs. Divide up essentials and pool your resources so people don’t bring unnecessary items. Remove packaging from new items and dispose of them properly at home. Carpool to the festival and take advantage of carpooling incentives the festival may offer. When you need a new piece of festival gear, take the time to invest in something quality that will last, rather than choosing something quick and cheap that will only last for one festival.