Happy Trail Days



From the Website:

Manufacturer Representatives set up in the campground, and from Thursday (15th) through Saturday (17th) will be available to assist hikers with equipment repairs, gear advice and specialized services. These Reps are there to help you, the hiker, with any issue you may be having with any of your gear. The Reps generously donate their time and skills to provide FREE gear repairs, expert fitting and other services to the A.T. community. 


Photo by: Kathmandu
Photo by: Kathmandu

Today as we speak, section and thru hikers alike are making their way to one spot on the trail: Damascus, Virginia. Most of the year Damascus is a sleepy little town that the Appalachian Trail (namely the Creeper Trail) runs right through. This weekend however, it will be the epicenter of live music, gear heads, and trail hiker comradery. Kelty and Sierra Designs are the major co sponsors for the event in addition to several others smaller sponsors. We’ll be in vendor row ready to show you what’s new with us and lounge out in some hammocks!


Photo by: Aliese Harrison

The amount of support that gathers for the trail hikers at Trail Days is truly moving. Local doctors and veterinarians come out to perform free health screenings. Men from the local churches come out to give free haircuts and the ladies knit a seemingly endless supplies of free hats. There are gear giveaways and free gear repair stations setup throughout the festival grounds, topped off with some food vendors and live music at night-Trail Days is a weekend hikers look forward to. And we’re happy to be there!


We’re continuously impressed and humbled by the compassion and love the town of Damascus has for its hikers. A place for folks on the trail to rest, make new friends, and swap trail stories–we hope to hear yours out there this weekend!