Hanging with the San Jose Earthquakes

***We are stoked to sponsor three soccer players from the San Jose Earthquakes!! Read on to get to know them a little better and find out why they hammock!

Hey ENOpians! This is Adam Jahn, JJ Koval, and Joe Sofia, and we are professional soccer players for the San Jose Earthquakes. There is nothing better than hanging out (literally) in our hammocks after a long day of training. In California, hammocking is a year-round way of life, and we’ve made it our goal to bring along our ENO hammocks on our road trips so we can experience hammocking across the United States and world! Here are a couple epic hammock pics of us, one down in Mexico prior to our match vs Toluca and the other just kicking back at Stanford University! Happy Hammocking!


Meet the soccer players! 



My name is JJ Koval and I am a professional soccer player for the San Jose Earthquakes.  I grew up playing soccer in Southern California, went to Stanford University, and was then drafted into Major League Soccer in the beginning of this year by the Earthquakes.



A big, strong central defender, Joe Sofia, in the estimation of one coach, “made UCLA a better team” when he was on the field. Wickedly smart and “a really good young man,” Sofia understands the game well and knows how to organize people, and has a long throw-in that can cause opposing defenses fits.


Photo courtesy of Joe Nuxoll / CenterLineSoccer.com

Hey guys! My name is Adam Jahn and I’m a forward on the San Jose Earthquakes in the MLS. I grew up in Davis, California and currently live in the Bay Area playing for the Earthquakes after graduating from Stanford University.


What makes your hammock the perfect spot after a long day of training?

JJ: When I get back home from a long day of training, I usually can’t wait to kick back and relax.  Sometimes I even take a nap.  Beds are great for that kind of stuff, but let’s be honest – it would be a crime to be spending California afternoons under a roof.  My hammock gives me the perfect spot to grab some rest and relaxation while enjoying nature, friends, reading, and music.  And the best part is that the scenery can change every day.

Joe: Hammocking is the perfect activity after a tough training session because it allows you to completely relax your body and mind. It is almost therapeutic to come back home, find a peaceful hammock spot and relax in your ENO Hammock.

Adam: As a professional soccer player, rest is of the upmost importance. That’s what makes my ENO hammock the perfect way to get that much needed R&R after a long training session.


Where is the craziest place you’ve hammocked while on the road?


JJ: I would have to say that the craziest place I have hammocked while on the road was in Xochitepec, Mexico before playing a game against Toluca. We set up across the pool at the hotel we were staying at.  When it started to get hot, all I had to do was roll over and drop into the water.  Unreal.

Joe: I think the craziest spot I’ve hammocked on the road would be in Mexico. We were staying at a beautiful hotel that was on the grounds of an old mission and you could really feel the culture of the place. After scouting out the different hammock locations we settled on an awesome spot over the pool.

Adam: So far, the best hammock spot while traveling with the team on the road has been while we were in Mexico. We set up shop over the pool at a beautiful resort for hours of hammocking.


What is your favorite hammock color?

JJ: I’ve always been a khaki/olive guy.  But I have to say that if there were a camo design, I would be all over it.

Joe: My favorite hammock color is definitely my red and black one. However, from all the pictures that I’ve seen, the new disco hammocks look pretty sweet!

Adam: My favorite hammock color has to be either Blue (because of the Earthquakes) or red (because of my alma mater, Stanford).


 Aside from Soccer, what other Outdoors activities do you like to pursue?


JJ: Other than soccer and hammocking, I love to do all sorts of stuff.  Basically anything outside. Being from So Cal, I love to pop in the headphones and take out my skateboard. I also grew up on lakes, so I’m all about water skiing and wakeboarding. I’m also into camping, backpacking, hiking, and I’ve even started to do some slack lining.  Anything to spend my time outside.

Joe: Outside of soccer, I am really into bass fishing! Since joining the team in San Jose, I have been going fishing at least twice a week.

Adam: When I’m not playing soccer, I love being outdoors! Hiking and backpacking are numero uno, while venturing out to the beach is always a good time.


How did you discover ENO Hammocks?


JJ: I bought my first ENO hammock years ago when my friend Jeff had me try his out.  He is from North Carolina, so not too far from headquarters in Asheville.  Once I jumped into his hammock, I didn’t want to give it back.  Couldn’t believe what I was missing out on. I was hooked and bought one the next day.

Joe: I actually discovered ENO from my teammate JJ Koval. We were rooming together on a road trip and he showed me his hammock pictures and I was hooked!

Adam:  I discovered ENO Hammocks through a friend, who, unsurprisingly, is from the East coast. Out here on the West (best) coast, ENO may not be as well known, but that’s going to change! So many people come up to us while we’re hammocking either on Stanford campus or down in Santa Cruz asking us where to get an ENO Hammock!


What’s the next piece of ENO gear you have your eye on?

JJ: I’m torn between the Hi-Fi speaker system and the ReactorHammock.  I’m almost always listening to music when I hammock, so the speaker system would be killer.  But I know all too well how important a sleeping pad can be when camping in a hammock to keep warm at night.  Keeping that thing from sliding around is key.  Both seem like awesome products.

Joe: The next piece of ENO Gear I have my eye on is the Slack-line. I’ve seen people use it at my alma mater, UCLA, and I really wanna try it out!

Adam: The next ENO product I’d love to have has to be a slackwire! They look so cool!