Hammock Indoors!

Bonjourno ENOpians!

Here at ENO headquarters in Asheville, NC, frost is peppering the ground, icy winds are beginning to blow, and we’re pretty sure snow is on the way. Not really ideal weather for hammocking. But, Apartment Therapy suggests there’s something else you can do with your swinging seats: Putting them up indoors “to create a well-designed, laid-back space.” The Web site provides examples of where and how to hang your hammock in your home, and claims that hammocks can be an “eye-catching focal point.” We think this is an awesome idea! Plus, our hammocks come in over 30 different color combinations – so there’s something to fit any room or color scheme!

Take a look at Apartment Therapy’s examples, then have a go with your own room! We would love to see what interior design you’ve come up with, so send us pictures (photos@eaglesnestoutfitters.com), tweet at us and comment on our Facebook wall!

Although not his home, this picture of ENOpian Drew Deal shows how he strung his hammock up by the stairs in the compound he was staying in during a missions trip in Quito, Ecuador. He’s on the right track folks! Where else can you hang your ENO?

Photo courtesy of Callie Cargo.
Photo courtesy of Callie Cargo.