Hallelujah, Spring is here!

Nate Frankhauser - Sierra Nevada Mountains

Has this past winter seemed unreasonably long, dark, and cold to any other ENOpians out there? With slews of power outages and polar vortexes, this winter has put many of us to the test. However I’m happy to say, we’re on the upswing because today marks the first day of Spring for the Northern Hemisphere. So as you hammock today, you should feel extra level between your two trees!

Go ahead and trade your winter coat for Chacos and look forward to hammocking a whole lot more often! Let’s submerge ourselves in everything Spring. First let’s refresh our brains as to what is actually happening out there specifically that makes today so special.

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What are your favorite items you  pull out to enjoy Spring with? 



CHA-W102808-100411It’s a well known fact that ENOpians love their Chacos! Whether your hiking, rock hopping or just walking around town-Chacos provide the comfort, dexterity, and colorful styles that avid outdoors folks look for in their footwear.









DoubleNest & Straps

AT setMany ENOpians bravely hammock year round, however now the atmosphere is mild for the rest of us to go out and hammock. Lounging in your hammock is one of the best spots to soak in the early breezes of Spring, sunshine, and the sounds of new life in nature. Don’t have a hammock yet? Consider picking up the Appalachian Trail Conservancy hammock! By doing so, you directly donate funds that go to preserving and managing the tail so we can continue to enjoy it for years to come.





Prana Hoodie


Just right to keep the chilly spring winds off your back! California based Prana is known for making “clothes for people who live fully, play long, and travel well.” This particular hoodie, the “Frontier Hoodie” is quick drying and comes in a variety of colors.