Go-Pro Your Next Adventure

by Josh Duke

One of the most amazing features of a GoPro is its ability to go everywhere. I can put it my pocket or my backpack (or my son’s diaper bag) and I know my next adventure or outing with my family will be well documented. However, like with every camera, if you are not familiar with its settings and abilities you can still end up not getting that shot you wanted.

Here are some tips and information that will help you GoPro your next adventure.

What GoPro model do I get?

This all depends upon the user. For me, I knew I wanted a model with a time lapse feature with a high megapixel setting. This led me to the Hero3+ Black Edition . Since my purchase, which was about 2 years ago, GoPro has come out with newer models. For most people, a silver edition camera is perfectly fine. It provides more than enough megapixels for photos and it shoots great HD video.

What settings do I shoot video in?

What I recommend is shooting in 720p at 60fps. The reason I typically shoot in 720p and not 1080p is because most people cannot tell the difference (not sure if I can) and it does’nt take up as much space on my memory card. It is also a little easier to manage in terms of transferring files. I shoot in 60fps because it gives me the ability to slow down the footage a bit if I want to. If you plan on shooting a lot of video, make sure your SD Card is class 10 and at least 16gb. This will give you room to shoot and hold a lot of footage on your GoPro.

Spend time with your GoPro

Spend a lot of time taking photos so you can see how the camera angle works best. The GoPro has a unique feel to it and if you treat it like you would your iPhone, you might not like the photos as much because the lens angle is not what you are used to. When I first got my GoPro, I put it in time lapse mode with it taking a photo every second. I would take photos of different objects in the yard from different angles so I could compare the images and see how the angles differed.

Time lapse everything

I actually do very few traditional “time lapses.” I use the feature to get a maximum amount of shots in a short period of time or to get multiple shots of a specific target.


gopro fish


I kayak fish on a regular basis and one of my favorite things is to get a picture of a fish being released underwater. In order to do this, I put the GoPro on the time lapse setting with it taking a photo every half second. What this allows me to do is get tons of photos of the fish while it is sitting there and also while it swims away. I then sync my GoPro to my GoPro app on my phone and preview the photos, and because of the time lapse setting, I have tons of awesome photos to choose from. I then download the photos to my phone and upload them to VSCO to be edited.

The time lapse feature is also great when you are taking a “selfie” or a group shot because it allows you to get the camera out in front while it takes multiple photos. You can get some cool candid shots by doing this as well.




Last but not least are the GoPro accessories. There are a ton of mounts available. Whatever activity you are into there is mount that can meet your need and give you the angle and point of view you want. What I use more than any mount is a GoPole. You can really get a great shot and get an extra wide view by being able to put your GoPro in hard-to-reach spots. It’s also great for getting large group shots.


I hope after reading this you know a little bit more about your GoPro, or maybe you are now ready to go buy one! It’s a great camera to add to your collection and will give you a unique point of view on your next adventure!


ABOUT JOSH: I am a husband, dad, outdoorsman and avid fisherman. I am also the founder of Florida Kayak Anglers, which was created to build community and unite kayak anglers in the state of Florida. 
Web: floridakayakanglers.com – Twitter: @joshuaduke – Instagram: @joshduke10