Glamping Competition!

Win prizes!

June 1st and 2nd marks a weekend dedicated to glamorous camping – International Glamping Weekend! We want YOU to celebrate by kitting you out for the best Glamping weekend you can have! Cue Glamping Sweepstakes!

Head over to our Facebook page from now until Friday 24 May for your chance to win!

1st place winner will receive a Lounger Hanging Chair and Atlas Straps – perfect for glamorously relaxing next to any picturesque creek!

2nd place winner will receive a SingleNest Hammock and Atlas Straps – awesome for spontaneously glamping anywhere!

3rd place winner will receive a brand new ParaPillow – a plush, colorful cushion for any outdoors activity.

WIN!!!Click HERE to play! (Smartphones and tablets must be set to ‘desktop mode’ for app to work.)