Free to Be Tour


***So Worth Loving is a lifestyle brand touring the U.S capturing stories of self-worth and empowering others to embrace the freedom to be themselves. They are coming to ENO‘s hometown – Asheville, NC – on March 28, 2014, where we are meeting them and supplying them with a few hammocks and some good hang-out time***

Being an online company we never really get to hang out and meet the people behind the screen that support us! So, we are hitting the road and traveling to 14 different cities across the South East because we believe that sharing your story will bring light to someone else’s tunnel. On this tour, we plan to capture stories of self-worth that may be shared globally. Bringing love and community to each city and connecting like-minded people together. Sharing your story has the ability to impact someone else’s life for the better. It has the ability to remind others they are worth loving! You might need to remind yourself or may have a friend that needs to hear this message. Be an advocate for you. Be an advocate for your friend!

Why free to be? Because there are many opinions and judgments floating around us, sometimes you need to take a deep breath and know you are free to be yourself. Free to make an error and learn from it. Free to be the person that you’ve wanted to be for so long. Free to embrace that freedom to just be.


3/28 Athens GA (morning) Two Story Coffee House

3/28 Asheville, NC (evening) Waking Life Espresso

3/29 Charlotte, NC (afternoon) Not Just Coffee

3/29 Charleston, SC (evening) Pending

3/30 Columbia, SC (evening) Cool Beans

4/1 Nashville, TN (evening) Pending

4/2 Louisville, KY (evening) Quill Coffee

4/3  St. Louis, MO  (evening) Pending

4/5 Dallas, TX (evening) Pending

4/6 Austin, TX (evening) Pending

4/7 Houston, TX (afternoon) Ecclesia 

4/8 Jackson, MS (morning) Thimblepress

4/8 Birmingham, AL (evening) Urban Standard

4/13 Atlanta, GA (evening) Space 2