Four Tips Towards Advanced Beach Bonfire Enjoyment

As the days grow longer and the evenings grow warmer, it’s time to haul out old Christmas trees or the eco java logs and illuminate the evenings with the first of summer’s bonfires. Here are four tips to making your fire lit gathering the envy of the beach.

1. Sand Trampoline

Perhaps the most epic edition to a beach bonfire is the sand trampoline. Bury a fully inflated yoga ball in the sand, leaving a patch the size of a baseball plate visible. This creates an extra spring for your step, while the sand makes for a slightly more forgiving landing. Raise the bar on the evening’s excitement by hosting a mini beach track and field competition. Be wise- bury your trampoline far away from the fire!

2. Slack Line

There’s nothing quite like a bare foot slack line with a sandy landing. A classic slack line might very well be your wisest purchase of the whole summer- it’s fun, energizing and social, and the boost to your balance and core strength will improve your summer climbing pursuits. Although it can be a meditative solo exercise , a slack line will generate interest from people of all ages. It’s an easy way to meet new friends if you’re new to town. Be wise- set up your slack line far away from the fire!

3. Candy-Epic S’mores

A lot goes in to crafting the perfect s’more- a solid ratio of marshmallow crispness to marshmallow gooeyness, a chocolate bar that’s softened patiently at the outskirts of the fire- but there’s one simple, brilliant secret to creating a s’more that is truly outstanding. That secret is candy bars- peanut butter cups, to be more precise. Once you’ve sandwiched a half melted peanut butter cup in between graham cracker and warm fluff, you’ll never return to the Hershey’s bar. Fair warning- after your taste of an candy-epic s’more you may begin to picture every candy on the shelf as potential filling- it’s a healthy and natural reaction. (If you’re really looking to win someone’s attention with your fire roasted treats, try this recipe for homemade graham crackers.)

4. Tripod

Without the stability for long exposures, evening fire shots come out as blurs or bright flames against a black, underexposed background. A lightweight and portable tripod will allow you to capture the essence of the summer bonfire- from the first shades of sunset to the smoldering red embers casting light on the last soliders standing. You’ve worked hard to make your evening epic- reward yourself with the tools you need to capture those hard-won memories. (And, as an added bonus, you’ll be the envy of your Facebook friends.)