For Active Dog Owners: reLeash

Last summer we debuted the reLeash, extending our product line to the more furry members of your family. Highly functional, the reLeash is crafted using excess materials from the Atlas Suspension Strap manufacturing. The upcycled webbing is durable and flexible, ideal for dogs who lounge in the yard or tear through the country. Pair with the reCollar and the two of you will turn heads walking down the street!

This is no ordinary leash however. The reLeash features a dextrous swivel hook and a side release buckle that allows for three conversions. We know ENOpians are an active bunch when they’re not hammocking and the reLeash is here to be flexible with how you travel with your pup.

Conversion 1: Hand-Held


Good old fashioned dog walking! With six feet of polyfilament webbing your pooch will never be far. You may notice a pep in your dog’s step because he or she will be thrilled to sport a leash that matches your hammock straps!

Conversion 2: Waist-Worn


Jogging with fido just makes more sense with the reLeash. Adjust the side release buckle to allow for enough slack to slip around your waist, fasten it shut, and viola go anywhere with your dog and have two hands. Ideal for exercising outside together, you may even find yourself bringing your furry friend along more often.

Conversion 3: Fixed


Fixed as in attached to a tree or pole, this conversion allows you to safely anchor your pup somewhere. Move the side release buckle to accommodate the circumference of whatever you’re attaching your furry friend to, tighten it up and carry on. But don’t go too far, now! They are your best friends after all.