Every Hammock Has a Story

We love hearing what you all think about your ENO hammocks! Where you take it, who you share it with, and why it becomes a special piece of gear for you. As most of you ENOpians know, we continue to host our monthly photo contest in which the winner gets $200 to spend on ENO goodies from the website! We get several hammock snapshots a week and always look forward to reading the attached stories. Read on to see what these ENOpians have to say about how they spend time with their hammock.

Pssst, if this inspires you to run out and photograph the future winning shot, check out our blog featuring tips on how to win!



Julie Duvall-Waterfall Vally, Guam

Jenny Duvall-Guam

“We spent the day driving around the perimeter of the island and hiked down hill by rope to find a series this valley of beautiful waterfalls to swim in. After being refreshed in the cool water I set up my hammock above the waterfall and relaxed. This photo highlights the beautiful atmosphere that surrounded my eno!”


Bryce Schubert-Manoa Valley, Oahu, Hawaii

Bryce Schubert-Oahu, HI

“This is a picture of my friend, Beth who I had the chance to get to know this past couple weeks on a trip to Hawaii. I love ENO hammocks because of the sense of friendship and openness that they bring. It may seem like a hammock can turn people away because it is a “personal possession” but I see it as an object that people can enjoy together and share with others.”


Lyle Krannichfeld-Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii

Lyle Krannichfeld-Haleakala National Park, HI

“Aloha, This image was made in Haleakala National Park just outside of Hana on the island of Maui. The banyan tree is pretty special. Their roots grow not only laterally but also upwards, leading to the sprawling look you see here. This particular tree is more than 75′ wide and beautiful. It’s along the hike to Waimoku Falls and is a perfect shady spot to take a break.”


Rebecca Waddell-Foster Falls, Tennessee

Rebecca Waddell-Foster Falls, TN

“This shot is one of my favorite point of view shots from my hammock. This is what it is all about to me: relaxing in my favorite eno with an amazing view. After hiking for about an hour, my friends and I finally made it to the top of Foster Falls in Tennessee. They’re breathtaking. We chose a nice, quiet spot to make camp and spent the day playing guitar and reading.”


Christine Luczka-Everglades National Park, Florida

Christine Luczka-Everglades, FL

“Six kids from Michigan and Pennsylvania spent this years’ spring break (senior year of college, woot woot!) kayaking Everglades National Park. We saw fish, huge crabs, and dolphins everywhere! Thankfully no alligators. Six days and five nights of true adventure. Each night we hung up six ENOs in the mangroves to sleep. This shot is at a campground called Watson’s Place in the northern ‘glades, watching the sun set and the tide come in.”


Elizabeth Glas-Chattanooga, Tennessee

Elizabeth Glas-Chattanooga, TN

“Meet Raider. She hikes, she bikes, she climbs, she roadtrips, she rages. Folks recognize her out on the trails, insist we can’t crash at their place unless Raider’s coming too, and greet her prior to greeting us. What can we say – she’s a gem. But as hard as Raider plays, she sure does know how to straight up slug… and boy does she love sluggin’ in my ENO. Here’s Raider, enjoying her favorite post-adventure activity. This is right after a couple hours of mountain biking in Chattanooga, TN.”


Ryhan Shamet-Blood Mountain, Northern Georgia

Ryan Shamet-Blood Mountain, GA

“This picture was taken at Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail just outside of Blairsville Georgia. A group of about 15 of us were on spring break and took a trip up from Florida to do some hiking and just hanging out in nature. Total we probably had about 10 ENO hammocks spread out on the side of the mountain by a little creek. We had just gotten done with a 6 mile hike so it was great to just hang out., nap, read and just enjoy the outdoors.”