ENO’s DoubleNest Receives Editor’s Choice Award by OutdoorGearLab

The DoubleNest recognized for top quality and portability by hands-on gear testing company

Rising above its counterparts, Eagles Nest Outfitter’s DoubleNest was recognized as the best overall lightweight hammock by OutdoorGearLab.

Asheville, N.C., October 10, 2013 — In a detailed review by OutdoorGearLab that compared five top-performing compact, lightweight hammocks, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) was given the Editor’s Choice award for its top overall quality, comfort, utility and portability.

The review concluded a six-month exploration of Central America, where the OutdoorGearLab research team tested top quality compact hammocks available on the market. Taking the five contestants to outdoor adventure spots such as the beach, tropical forest and the mountains, the team evaluated each based on sleep comfort, lounge comfort, setup, accessories and portability.

“We love how the ENO DoubleNest is quick drying, offers a little bit of stretch to help conform to your body, is durable and strong, can fit larger and taller people easily and comfortably and has clips to connect to the outside of your pack,” said Brian Blum, Review Editor at OutdoorGearLab. “This is the most expensive hammock tested, but for those who plan to spend multiple nights sleeping in a hammock, the extra comfort is worth every penny.”

ENO’s hammock accessories were also acknowledged as a step above the others’.

“Couple [the DoubleNest] with the ENO BugNet, Profly (rain tarp), and the ENO Slap Strap (hanging straps) and you will have an overall sleeping solution that is lighter and more convenient than a sleeping pad for your back country adventures,” Blum continued.

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The other hammocks reviewed were Hammock Bliss Ultralight, which received the Top Pick award; Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock, which received the Best Buy award; Byer Traveller Lite Hammock and ENO’s SingleNest Hammock.

About OutdoorGearLab:

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