Sponsorship Program

Since 1999, ENO has been touring the globe embracing nomadic comfort, promoting relaxation outdoors, and helping explorers enjoy the adventure. We want to continue sharing this experience by embracing those who enjoy the outdoors to the fullest – outdoor athletes.

ENO athletes represent the values of Eagles Nest Outfitters – they’re approachable, humble, friendly, relaxed, and enjoy the whole athlete experience, not just crossing the finish line. Our athletes are ambassadors for their sports who are involved in their community, active in the industry, and try to enjoy the outdoors as responsibly as possible.

If you are a competitive athlete in an outdoors sport and feel that you have what it takes to represent ENO and become a member of our team of ENOpians, check out our FAQs below and submit your application!


What kind of athletes should apply?

ENO prides itself on adventuring off the beaten trail and hiking the extra mile, and so we accept all athlete sponsorship proposals as long as they are from competitive individuals (from amateur ice dancer to professional surfer!). However, we are not currently sponsoring thru-hikers, although they may be eligible for Pro Deal Pricing.

I’m an international athlete, can I apply?

Unfortunately, sponsorships are only available for US based athletes at this time.

What does sponsorship consist of?

We have various sponsorship packages awarded depending upon the athlete and the situation. All sponsorships are for one year beginning at the start of the calendar year, and are made up of gear. We are not awarding financial sponsorships at this time.

When is the best time to apply?

ENO sponsorships are structured around the calendar year, so the months of January or February are the best times to apply. Additionally, Fall is a great time to apply for the following calendar year. We will review athlete sponsorship proposals on an as-needed basis however, so if you can’t wait till fall, there is a chance we will read it anyway :-).

What is expected from our sponsored athletes?

We just want you to do the best you can do in your field! However, writing us a few blog posts about what makes your sport so awesome, sending pictures of you in action, and writing us a short bio would be most excellent too.

I have a question that is not answered in this list. What should I do?

You can email us at enopian@enonation.com. We try our best to get back to everyone – so please be patient and we’ll answer your questions ASAP!

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Current Sponsored Athletes


Adam Banton: BMX
Bob Reese square
Bob Reese: Parkour
Caleb Goepfert: Surfing
Adam Doyle web
Adam Doyle: Climbing/Base Jumping





Michael Mena: Xpogo
Dave Zielinski: Fly Fishing
Jason Astle: Skiing
Michael McDaniel resized
Michael McDaniel: Snowboarding
Molly Mitchell: Rock Climbing
Nate Miceli: Freeskiing
Ryan McElmon: Slopestyle/ Biking
Tim Kovar: Tree Climbing
Trevor Cox: Rock Climbing/Bouldering
victor g resized
Victor Garcia: Rock Climbing
Willis Kimbel: Skateboarding
Zachary Surdell: Freestyle Aerial Skiing