ENO On Tour

ENO Lotus Lounge

The Lotus Lounge, modeled after the iconic Lotus flower, is a breathtaking, silver sculpture aimed at the festival scene. It’s an interactive, premium party location, optimized for ambiance while still able to house a raging dance party.   In a festival or party setting, it provides just the right balance of relaxation and raging!  Each client is able to set the mood, choose genres of music, suggest appropriate volume levels and create the ultimate atmosphere for any event

The beautiful aluminum sculpture holds 11 ENO Hammocks and a central area outfitted with a unique and innovative DJ booth.  The system is modular and can include any or all of the following in addition to the sculpture itself:

  • 60 x 60 tent that can hold 200 people
  • 5000 watt sound system optimized for 360 degree listening throughout the circular space
  • Professional light show
  • Ambient lighting
  • Inflatable couches
  • An installation of additional hammocks can be placed in surrounding woods
  • An installation of hammocks or hammock stands can be provided for open spaces without trees



The wait is finally over; the portable, versatile, durable ENOpod is here. A place to hang not one, but three ENO hammocks!  It is completely self-supporting and does not rely on trees. It excels on multiple ground options, from sandy beaches to grassy fields, expanding the realm of hammocking possibilities! Their compact size makes them a perfect, relaxing oasis for any event. With the ENOpod, three really is the magic number.


For more information on how to activate an ENO Hammock Lounge at your event, send an email to anna@enonation.com