ENO Cheap Vacations!

Hola ENOpians!

We all love to take trips, visit new places, and see sights we’ve never seen before, but sometimes it just isn’t practical. It may be because of time or lack of company, but these days money can be the biggest issue. Here at ENO we believe in great adventures to relieve stress, spend time in the great outdoors, and to relax in your ENO! Luckily, we stumbled across this great article that lists the 10 cheapest weekends to travel in 2012. Now there’s no excuse! Grab your ENO and get out into the world!

Airfare Watchdog’s George Hobica identified all weekends below after studying historical data.

1)      Feb. 3-5 – This is the last really cheap weekend of the winter to travel! It is also THIS weekend! After this weekend we have school vacations, President’s Day weekend, Spring Break season then summer, so the prices of travel escalate accordingly.

2)      Sept. 7-9 – This is the first weekend after our kiddies go back to school, so not surprisingly it is among the cheapest weekends to travel! Really, as soon as we pass Labor Day, fares take a big dip.

3)      Sept. 14-16 – These dates are actually NOT a weekend, they fall on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but that’s precisely why they’re so cheap!

4)      Sept. 21-23 – Hmm we’re seeing a recurring theme of September travel dates here…but it’s only because September is the cheapest month! George Hobica suggests visiting the Caribbean, but do be aware that it is hurricane season, so you’re ENO may potentially blow away in the wind.

5)      Sept. 28-30 – Yup, you guessed it! The last weekend in September is also a cheap one!

6)      Oct. 5-7 – Although October is not September, it still counts as the “off-peak” travel season so it’s a great time to get away!

7)      Oct. 19-22 – By this weekend in October it’s beginning to get cold, or at least cold enough to want to visit those warmer climates. Luckily, it’s only the northern states that really get antsy, so the fares remain cheap for the rest of us!

8)      Nov. 3-5 – Because of Thanksgiving taking up most of our excitement the latter part of November, it stands to reason the first half is cheap! Most people will be saving up for turkeys and football tickets which gives you the window to sneak in for some unbelievable holiday savings.

9)      Nov. 30-Dec. 2 – Thanksgiving’s over and people are focused on Christmas; vacations are all but a dream. But that means they’re also cheap! Low demand equals cheap fares, so maybe this would be a prime time to go ENO on a beach in Hawaii?

10)   Dec. 7-9 – This is the last “in-between” weekend of the year, and so the last time you can nip of for a cheap vacation. And who knows, maybe you just happen to have all your holiday days saved up?! Go ENO somewhere crazy to get in the mood for the holidays!

To get you further in the traveling mood we thought we’d share some of our ENOpian’s holiday pics from 2011! Just click on any pic to enlarge it! Also, if you have more questions, check out George Hobica’s Q&A page to get all the info you need to have a fabulous ENO getaway!