ENO Around the World!

Hey ENOpians!

A few months ago, a guy named Daniel Vergara won our photo contest with this awesome pic…

Since then, he has been traveling around the world and sending us photographs to prove it!

His travels have taken him from South America to Europe and everywhere in between. Here are a few of his shots :-

“Two hours after i arrived to Brasil, I was in this beach watching this guys playing a mix between soccer and volleyball. Who needs a net when you have a couple of bikes instead? The palm trees back there were the perfect place to put my SingleNest.”

“Cabo Verde, a former Portuguese colony, is an island in front of Senegal shore (yeah, some pirates around there). First time on land after almost a week in the sea. So, with some other crew members we pay for a local taxi to take us to a basic trip around the place. My hammock in the hand. First we stopped next to an old fortress, in the top of a hill. With a couple of friends we went to look for some place to put the single nest, since there are almost no trees in the Island. So, we found to antenas. Voila.”

HaHa we love this pic from Gibraltar! Daniel found a great guard to keep his SingleNest safe 🙂

We’ll keep you updated with future travels from our ENO Around the World champ, Vergara. And we’d love to see yours too! Send them to us HERE!