Earth Day…Not a One Day Thing

By Justin Fricke, aka the JustinTheWeekendWarrior.

Earth Day was on Monday and it got me thinking about the impact us humans have on the earth. We’ve modernized the world and made things a lot more comfortable and more efficient for us, so that got me thinking about the effect that we’ve had on the planet. It’s no secret that we pollute the world every day, but to offset that balance, I wanted to share with you 5 simple ways we can help conserve the planet.

ENO's re-usable water bottle

  1. Use less plastic

Think of how many bottles you go through in a day, whether it’s soda bottles, milk bottles, water bottles, etc. They all add up. Rather than grabbing a plastic bottle while you’re at work or running errands, try to carry your own re-usable water bottle or glass, like the ENO/Liberty Bottle Works 32 oz bottle!

      2.      Conserve water

Water’s something we need every day, yet we take it for granted. We’re blessed enough to not have to walk to a watering hole to get our water every day. Here’s a few ways to help conserve water.

  • Guys-stop up the sink while you’re shaving and rinse your blade in the sink, not under running water
  • Only use water to rinse your toothbrush and mouth after you’re done brushing

If you really want to take it to the next step, take showers like my granddad said they did back in the day when he was in the Navy. You’ll definitely save water and time with this method.

  • Hop in without the water running
  • Wet yourself down (don’t until the water gets hot)
  • Turn off the water
  • Lather up
  • Turn the water back on
  • Rinse off

3.      Organize a car pool/use public transportation

This method may be a little more time consuming, but think of all the time you saved in number 2. Not to mention, you’re cutting down on the amount of exhaust entering the air every day, saving yourself some money on gas, and cutting down the need for oil.

Car pool in style!

4.      Cut down on energy consumption

Our lives are constantly in fast-forward that it seems like we always forget the littlest things. It’s as simple as turning off the light when you’re leaving the room. If you like to fall asleep with the TV on, put a sleep timer on it. You can also unplug electronics and cables that aren’t being used at the time. If you do these things, you may even see your electric bill get cheaper.

5.      Get involved

If you feel led to help preserve our planet, do something about it. I’m not talking about going vegan and joining Green Peace. It can be as simple as writing your Senator, State Representative, City Mayor, etc. about changes you’d like to see and providing some suggested solutions. Join a volunteer group that’s centered on environmentalism. You can even donate to environmental groups that you support.