Disco Hammock

Eno Beta Brand Disco Hammock

Is it a space worm? Is it a sparkling oversized burrito? Is it a shiny, glamorous cocoon? No, it’s our new Disco Hammock, created in conjunction with online clothing community Betabrand.

A year in the making, the adapted DoubleNest is constructed from Betabrand’s home-grown disconium – an absurdly shiny material created specifically for the lifestyle company – with our well known hammock shape and pattern. A true collaborative effort, the idea was originally conceived by Robbie Wiedie, Betabrand’s Community Manager, through their Disco Open Source Project, and given life by our Head Developer, James Frinak.

“I was first introduced to ENO hammocks while working for the Forest Service as a wildland firefighter. There was something enamoring to the thought of wrapping myself up like a hanging space work in complete juxtaposition to the natural surroundings of the woods.”

-Robbie Wiedie, Betabrand’s Community Manager

The juncture will be our first partnership with a lifestyle clothing company, and the co-branded Disco Hammock emits a different (sparkly) vibe that we look forward to playing with.

ENO Beta Brand Disco Hammock

“In general, outdoor gear is so utilitarian it doesn’t give us the opportunity for playful and whimsy products. The Disco Hammock is exciting because it brings together utility with everyone’s favorite part of the late 70’s.”

-James Frinak, ENO’s Head Developer

A first limited run of Disco Hammocks will be made and sold solely on Betabrand’s Think Tank, a space designated for the development of fantastic ideas, from Thursday April 3. In addition, there are hopes to expand the Disco Hammock concept out to the festival scene in August 2014.

The Disco Hammock shares all the same qualities of our traditional DoubleNest Hammock – room for two, a 400lb capacity, triple stitched seams, aluminum wiregate carabiners, and an attached compression stuff sack – but is slightly heavier on the scales. It retails for $108 with early-bird specials.