Disco Hammock Mania is Here to Stay


As you may of heard, we’ve excitedly partnered with BetaBrand to create the world’s first Disco Hammock. It’s groovy. It’s shiny. It’s coolbeans.

For the unfamiliar; Betabrand is an online clothing community, based in San Francisco that design, manufacture, and release new products nonstop.  Their fans co-design and crowdfund them into existence in a matter of weeks.

We had our fingers crossed and we are happy to say that enough of wonderful ENOpians and Betabrand crowdfunders like yourself have chosen to fund the project! Whooo! Bust out the bubbly and count down the days until we’re hanging out in the forest in our very own disco goodness.  Additionally, there are still 21 days left to continue to fund the project and it’s still currently 10% off!!

So why are you still here? Head on over to Betabrand’s website, check out the Disco Hammock page, and fund it!