Competition Alert!

171A7757Going on a great hike, or weekend adventure, requires high energy levels and a full belly. What’s the best way to keep up with both of those things? Snacking on healthy foods!

We’re teaming up with Threshold Provisions,  a company devoted to developing athletic potential through delicious and sustaining wholesome food, to give y’all an awesome giveaway! Check back Monday for competition details and your chance to win!

In the mean time, check out these 9 reasons why Threshold snacks make life in the backcountry that little bit easier.

  1. When stomachs start churning as a result of high output activities or rough oceans, it’s hard to want to eat the necessary nutrition that your body needs.  With moments like this in mind, we added ginger – a substance that helps eliminate intestinal gas and soothes intestinal tracts while containing effective anti-inflammatory effects – to our Blueberry Ginger Bar to help you transition through that uncomfortable moment with ease. Threshold bars
  2.  Backcountry meals in camp are special.  After being on the move, nothing feels better than cooking up something warm, hearty, and nutritious.  Threshold Provisions’ sockeye salmon jerky is a delicious source of protein that’s high in the ‘good fats’ and vitamin D. It also adds an easy flare to any campfire dish!
  3.  Organizing and planning meals for an extended trip is often a challenging task.  In addition to your snacks, taking whole foods high in protein with ample complex carbs and healthy fats is imperative for sustaining fuel.  Our sockeye salmon jerky has 42 grams of free range protein, while our bars have an ideal ratio of carbs, protein, and fats to help you ‘Fuel the Moment’.
  4.  When the opportunity allows, pets are great companions on the trail.  They rarely complain, are always ready for more, and don’t mind stinky socks.  So remember, dogs need healthy omegas found in salmon jerky too! Threshold Bars
  5.  Commercial salmon fishing in Alaska for months takes attention to detail, determination, and healthy nutrition.  When working 20+ hr days, eating dried fruit with no added sugar and staying hydrated is part of the recipe for keeping a smile on your salty face.  Threshold Bars are made with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and sweetened with only honey to ensure that satisfied smile.
  6.  Expedition mountain biking in the backcountry of British Columbia makes taking enough food on your back, one of the bigger challenges.  42 grams of hormone free protein in a 4oz a pack, Alaskan salmon jerky compliments any weight conscious adventure nicely.
  7.  The natives of the Aleutian Islands were renowned for their sea kayaking and hunting abilities.  From modern day Russia towards Alaska, they migrated East, sustaining themselves on dried fish in the months that protein sources were limited.
  8.  Expanding one’s Threshold takes focus, training, dedication, and the proper fuel.  Threshold Bars are sweetened with honey to provide a moist nutrition bar that is edible regardless of the outside conditions.
  9.  Co-owner of Threshold Provisions, Diane, goes down to Antarctica twice a year to assist with research that will help scientist learn about the ecology of one of the most remote places on earth.  Aside from supporting athletes and outdoor enthusiast, Threshold Provisions has a sincere connection with nature from Alaska, our beloved Pisgah Forest, all the way south to Antarctica.